Congratulations, you’ve successfully negotiated the sale of your home!

The only remaining items are the final steps to closing out the sale. This is where your lawyer and The Neilly Team will take care of all the time consuming details and legal issues on your behalf.

Here’s a final checklist to review before you close the sale:

·      Confirm the services to be provided by your lawyer

·      Immediately begin satisfying any conditions of the agreement that require action on your part before the set date of completion creeps up on you

.      Ensure your mortgage obligations are fulfilled and that your mortgage rate reflects the new rate if it is lower than the one secured for you by your lender at the time you originally negotiated your terms.

·      Begin to discard all the things you don’t want

·      Donate unusable “unwanted” items to a charitable organization or plan a garage sale

·      Send the Neilly Team a referral :-)

·      Contact the utilities, telephone and cable companies about transferring or removing their services

·      Call your insurance agent and arrange cancellation or transfer of your homeowner’s insurance

·      Contact your security provider to arrange the cancellation or transfer of service

·      Contact a moving company to arrange your move on, or prior to, closing date

·      Obtain your packing containers

·      Send out your change of address notices and advise the post office

·      Change the address on your driver’s license, and other identifications

·      If you are moving into a condo, book the freight elevator with the strata manager no less than 2 weeks prior to the move

·      Send the Neilly Team a referral :-)

 Please notify us immediately if anything changes about your property or your situation.